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Hi i just looked at my order has to lactose and gluten free.

Creating a top-notch gluten-free cake recipe takes a significant amount of R&D as well as a reevaluation of both your production and storage processes and those of your suppliers to ensure there is no cross-contamination. If you are not prepared to invest the time to do this right, pass on the order.

Also, Big Bird and Elmo are copyrighted characters so you would need permission from Sesame Workshop in order to legally copy their likenesses.
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Not sure if you`ve had to make this cake already.   I would suggest going to a specialty store (like a health food type place) and ask for a vegan GF cake mix.   It`s probably your best bet because GF scratch recipes tend to be rather complex, and call for a variety of expensive harder to find ingredients.  Milk derivatives are a common additive to processed foods and can be under a plethora of names.


Also not sure if maybe I missed something but eggs do not contain lactose or any dairy.   I hear that a lot about dairy allergies and lactose intolerance but eggs are 100% ok unless they have an egg allergy.



Becel sells vegan margarine, which is like salted butter.  Earth Balance is a very popular brand to look for.   I`ve used vegan Becel to replace about a third of the butter in SMBC, and replaced the rest with shortening.    Vegan margarine tastes better than shortening, and a bit of salt is actually good in frostings but you have to add it slowly and have a lot of spoons around to sample that you have just enough margarine in the batch without being noticeable. 

Then I would just make some of Alton Browns royal icing for piping.  Its mega fluffy when I make it.  Like really, really fluffy, if you follow his directions.    But if someone was allergic to eggs I`d just blend shortening and icing sugar with DF milk. 


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sorry about caps.
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This one seems good, though I've never made it but is the most like regular chiffon cake
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