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Favourite cupcake recipe

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Hi I'm pretty new to cupcakes and decorating but loving it! I started by making for my children's parties and learning or rather stumbling along my way. I would like CC opinions on their favorite cupcake recipe. I mostly bake for children but tend to make boring conventional flavors like vanilla or chocolate or carrot cake. What's your favourite recipe that children would enjoy? I prefer to bake from scratch as I find cake mixes a bit dry. Nothing worse than dry cupcakes!!! TIA
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I've just made a bunch of cupcakes using white chocolate mud, I don't make from scratch anymore but found a wonderful premix at my local decorator supply shop and they certainly haven't dried out, in fact the longer kept the better the taste and texture. All I have to add to the mixture are eggs, white chocolate and water.
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The Hersheys cocoa cake recipe on the back of the package - for kids. party.gif

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My favourite cupcake recipe is Sweetopia's vanilla cupcake. It's so light and fluffy and has a beautiful crumb. I can't stand crumbly cupcakes!! I often improvise and add cocoa for chocolate cuppies, mix through fresh strawberry syrup, add orange or lemon zest and juice for can add whatever you like! I find most kids just love chocolate and vanilla though. It's best to keep thing simple for them and jazz up their cupcakes with colourful icings and sprinkles. 

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I really like Apple Cinnamon cakes with cream cheese frosting drizzled with Carmel.. All kids I have served them to really like them. I have been wanting to try to make Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes. I think kids would really like that. Also putting twists on the frosting for Vanilla & Chocolate cakes. Such as PB-n-J (vanilla cake filled with Jam or jelly of your choice, I use strawberry preserves with Peanut Butter buttercream drizzled with a little more strawberries). Same with Chocolate cake with PB or caramel buttercream.

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Wow!!! So many new flavors to try out!! Strawberry is my favourite idea so far but I think I will try them all then decide! Thanks to everyone for all the imput.
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