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Filling cake with coffee buttercream and fondant on top

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A customer has has asked me for coffee cake with coffee butter cream filling.I'll be adding fondant on top of this cake as it's going to be decorative.


I've never deviated from the basic sponge and butter cream cake with chocolate ganache/butter cream around it, so how would you advise me to make this cake. 


Do I fill the cake with coffee butter cream and then crumb coat with plain butter cream (or ganache) or do you always crumb coat the cake with plain butter cream or ganache?


Hope this makes sense! :)

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Anybody :(

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Unless you add so much coffee to your BC that it significantly changes the texture, you can use it as usual, including crum coating and frosting.

If you have granulated coffee just use a little hot water to disolve it, stir into the BC, blend well and you are ready to go.

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They also have a coffee flavoring you can just add to your BC instead of vanilla or as well as. It sort of depends on the cake and flavors they want. For ease unless otherwise requested simple BC filling and covering, then fondant. I use ganache often so I'll fill with ganache. It sounds like your customer really likes coffee so I'd fill and cover with the same BC.
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You could also dissolve instant coffee granules in a small amount of hot water to make a concentrated syrup that can be added to your regular buttercream (when it cools down of course) to make the filling.

You can use any bc/ganache configuration you're most comfortable with.
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I actually keep a jar in my fridge of 'coffee syrup'. I put a few tablespoons of espresso powder into a cup or two of kahlua, and reduce it to half, (or whenever I remember to go back and take it off the stove).

You get a bit of the kahlua taste and a nice strong coffee flavour. It only takes about a tablespoon to flavour a normal sized batch of IMBC

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I typically do just coffee flavored buttercream as the filling, then crumbcoat with vanilla if fondant is going over it.  I turn vanilla buttercream in to coffee flavored by adding decaf instant coffee dissolved in a bit of hot water.  The last step of making my buttercream is to add 3-4 tablespoons of milk or water to get the consistency I want.  I use the dissolved coffee for this step instead of plain milk or water.  This way I can keep some of my big batch just vanilla for the crumbcoat and make the rest flavored for the filling.  Since the majority of the cakes I do are for kids birthdays, I am always careful to use decaf.  And YES, kids as young as 5 or 6 are specifically requesting the coffee flavored buttercream!

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For some reason that little spoon of coffee flavoring really Zings with chocolate frosting.

It makes it especially delicious, you may call it "Café Mocha" buttercream.

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