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Marilijah~~Welcome to the world of all things cake.   Although I only have a few Magic Line pans, these are the differences I've noticed from the lighter-weight aluminum construction of Wilton pans.


Magic Line is a heavier weight of construction.  They take a little longer to cook.  The outside edges don't seem to brown as much when using Bake Even Strips.  They have super-sharp corners (on pans with corners).  Once you have a Magic Line pan, you MUST learn to adjust your baking/times/recipes for Magic Line.   Once you are used to Magic Line, or any other pan(s), they will be CONSISTENT.


I've been in this hobby since Feb 2010.  I knew absolutely ZERO about anything cake when I started.  (Never had a hobby, thrived on being a work-a-holic in a profession I loved in medicine.) 


One of the biggest problems in being a "newbie", is that you don't know enough to KNOW where and when to invest in quality materials.  I had ZERO idea that I'd become addicted to cake decorating and chocolate making until AFTER I'd purchased many, many, many pans, molds, gadgets, ingredients, etc.   


Although I'd read over and over that Magic Line pans are the "best of the best", I also learned that you cannot purchase them at your local craft store with a 50% coupon.  Being unable to use a coupon plus having the additional cost of shipping/handling, I made other purchases.


My other purchases work fine, and will for many years (decades) to come, but I wish I had known to purchase ALL Magic Line.   Now that I know I will personally be in this for decades to come, I would like to have all my pans be the best-of-the-best.  Ah need to whack myself on the head, my existing pans will work fine and I am now at the point in the learning curve where I KNOW what to buy and what to pass-up.


p.s.  You can see what I've baked in the Wilton pans at:

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The commenter is Right....Depends on whether you are going into business, or just a hobby baker.

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