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Hi Scarletfee, I hope you had fun making your cake and it was a success.  I am in the same situation.  I am making my first wedding cake for my son but have to transport it 350 miles 4 days before wedding.  I am making fruit, madeira and chocolate mud cakes because they seem to stay fresh the longest.  The will be covered in fondant a week before the event and stored in a cake box.  I was thinking of dowelling before leaving home as it would be difficult to do at the last minute in a hotel room.   Do you have any advice? I would be really interested in hearing how you got on.  And well done for making your friends cake, it's not an easy feat.

Thanks in advance

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Firstly I would like to say the cake we made tasted and looked great! Madeira sponge tastes amazing a week after baking and it was absolutely fine to store in a cake box for the 6 days (when covered in fondant and butter-cream). The sponge was as moist as can be with madeira sponge. I would recommend the Lindy Cake recipe and putting a bowl of water in the oven whilst it bakes. Rest for 12 hrs then cover with fondant.


On the dowel front I inserted the dowels 2 days before. I sealed the holes made by the dowel with royal icing. It was fine and because it was sealed with icing it kept the moister of the cake.


Also in terms of transporting we sat with the cakes on our lap. We put a pillow to absorb shock on our knees then a cake box each with the cake in it. We held them horizontally.  I also recommend double side taping down slip proof matting into each cake box. Put the cake board with cake into the box and double side tape this to the matt (don't use to much as you need to remove it to get the cake out the box). I good reassurance that the cakes want move with the long commute!


It was a huge success and I'm sure your cakes will be too. Good luck and hope that helps.

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Hi scarletfee! Glad your cake went well...I used to use the lindys cake chocolate cake recipe and It was truly delish!!! Can I ask what you filled it with? I would like to switch from a Victoria sponge to Madeira as a standard 'plain' cake (largely for the shelf life) but have always been concerned that it would be a bit dry? Have you ever had any problems? I have always thought it would be a similar texture that American cakes seem to be...? (Could be way off never having been to the us- just basing it on how they handle their sponges in tv shows!). Thanks!
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Not sure about American cakes but the Lindy Madeira worked great for us. We butter cream and raspberry jam the centre and put butter cream only around the outside before adding fondant. Fondant is really difficult to do so do practice if you haven't used it before! I didn't and it took a bit of crafty decor to hide cracks!


Sponge wise it is drier than victoria sponge but it is dense for stacking. However it was moist enough and gets better over time (hence baking it a week before). Follow the Lindy cake madeira blog for storage but basically bake and leave to rest for 12 hrs in tin foil then ice and store in cake box.


We put a bowl of water in the oven whilst baking and it improved the moister.


We are making another wedding cake and we will be using the same recipe again!


Hope that helps and good luck :)

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Hi Scarletfee, thank you so much for your reply and good advice.  Good luck with the next cake.

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