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need help to paint gold on chocolate ganache

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Hi, I need help please. Im making a 50th wedding anniversary cake. Im not keen to use fondant and want to use chocolate ganache instead.It will be a 3 tiered cake.  But, I want to paint the cake on the sides and on the top tier with gold using stencils. Im worried the paint wont show through or will bleed and be messy. Please help. Thanks in advance

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Mix gold powder with pure cocoa butter
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Thanks a lot. I hope I can get my hands on pure cocoa butter. Have you tried this? Its not too messy, is it? Im fairly new to baking and not very confident when it comes to piping and stenciling. Thanks tho, will try it out.
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Hi all. Im back. Cant find cocoa butter where I live. Will royal icing work? Or just plain edible gold paint? Please advise. Soooo confused :~ Thanks in advance
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Use luster dust, rub some shortening over the area then apply with a large brush like a dry dust.
Here's a picture: has a Firework cake, they mixed luster with vodka and painted it on. I've tried to do this on plain molded chocolate pieces and it always beads up, perhaps I used too much liquid because they made it work!

I'd do the dry dust method so nothing bleeds. You should do a trial run like they did in the first link.
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There are just so many neat tricks out there!


SMckinney, On the flag cake in my gallery I used gold dust to make medallions and I just dusted it on when they were really cold and stuck perfectly.

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I wouldn't have thought to do that lol, those look awesome! Do you remember the name of the shade you used? The gold is a much deeper, lush looking color then mine.
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Old gold by CK. I just happened to have it

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I am so excited, I actually ordered that one last week! I'm so happy it's the color I was looking for. I'm easily amused icon_wink.gif
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My local cake store is so great....they have endless colors of shimmer and disco dusts so I never have to order that stuff. Same with gel and powdered food colors. They sell a brand named spectrum which I have never heard of but it works great. I want to try the Americolors though because I have heard so much about them. I'm just going to wait until I run low on what I have which will be awhile.

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Thank you, thank you sooo much for all the ideas and link. Really a huge help. Will definitely do a trial run first
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BatterUp: I wish I had a local cake store! I have to order everything so I usually wait until I need several things or order in bulk. I get in trouble though when I do get to visit supply stores, I can walk around for hours icon_smile.gif

Nuzhat: Your welcome! Hope it turns out well for you
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So convenient. It is literally 5 min from my front door and they have everything I need most times as well as a nice sized candy making section and beer and wine making stuff!
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