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Craft show newbie

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Hi icon_biggrin.gif my best friend and I are considering doing a local craft fair for the fall and selling some cupcakes. It'll be our first craft fair and we are sorta clueless as to what to bring, how to decorate the booth, and whatever else. Please help us with ideas or tips from previous experience. Thanks so much & happy decorating. icon_biggrin.gif
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In Illinois you need a food safety certification to sell, if you don't have that you need to call the local health department. I think they're $35. You need to have everything boxed up, like in clear containers to keep safe from dirt and debris.

There are some other threads under Vendor Fairs you might want to search. I'd focus on flavor and maybe some simple decorations with BC. Take business cards.
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Thanks. Yes I already have my license I went to culinary school & I'm grateful for being able to get it there. Have you done a craft fair before? I'm just curious as to others experiences.
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Good, not everyone knows that & with the CF amendments it can be confusing.

I've done a Bridal Show & Vendor Fairs, nothing outside thankfully. It's hard to gauge how much food to bring & I always overdue it! I always have a little box that I use for drawings, just something small like a few $5 off gc that I'll mail out a different day-an incentive to get new customers. Mostly I made simple cupcakes, some with fondant or chocolate decorations just to show off (obviously the Bridal Show was much different) the others were cash n carry type events. Good luck!
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I did my first festival earlier this year. I dont know where you live but if it's hot I would recommend not using a meringue or homemade marshmellow frosting mine started to separate (i live in FL). Here are the flavors I used.


1. Classic Vanilla with Vanilla buttercream     ( I had a decorating station set up so kids could top their own cupcakes this was a huge success with the little ones & teens even got in the on the fun of it.)

2. Classic Chocolate with Chocolate buttercream

3. Mocha Latte

4. Caramel Apple with cream cheese frosting

5. Banana split with marshmellow frosting

6. PBnJ with PB buttercream

7. Peanutbutter Cup 

8. Snowball

9. Cookies n cream

10. Maple Bacon

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Here are pics from my event.



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