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Billiard Cupcake decorating

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My boyfriend loves playing pool and I'm planning his birthday cupcakes (he was deployed last year so I want this to be very special) . I'm not good at making fondant( big disaster) , so I'm thinking I should just get premade white fondant and paint each circle to represent each billiard ball.


So here's the question: Should I use the dusting powder to color the circles? Or use gel colors? what would work best? His birthday is in 21 days so I got enough time.  I never dealt with fondant till now what have you guys tried?


Thanks :-)

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You should check out a copy of Hello, Cupcake. They have billard ball cupcakes in there that just use sanding sugar and necco wafers to get the look - no fondant needed. They are really cute and don't look very difficult. Good luck!
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You could do it easily with a crusting BC too, if you wanted to skip the fondant.

If you do use fondant color before you cover your cupcakes. Especially for the darker colors (you might just want to purchase or use black icing) but use gel coloring.
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