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Hints plese

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Hi, I am really new at decorating (hence the user name, lol) but I am baking cupcakes for a fundsaier this weekend and I want to decorate them in the shape of a cocker spaniel.


I have searched for images for help as well as recipes to make the icing so it will be still and hold it's shape but I am really unsure of the different recipes for icing and then I found this forum


I am hoping that someone can direct me to a really good, easy icing recipe to use. Also any hints, tips and suggestions will be really welcome. As well as any hints for transporting them and I guess keeping them cool?


I usually do Gluten free baking and it sells like hot cakes! But I saw the cutest cupcakes and want to try to replicate them. It's our biggest fundraiser of the year and I am hoping to entice people, lol


I do have a icing bag with tips


thanks in advance for any help

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So you want a thick icing to build up to make look like a dog? I imagine you will use an icing with powdered sugar, so it's mainly about consistency. At the end when you add your liquid just add a smaller amount so you have a stiffer icing.
Pipe the icing in different directions so it looks like fur and either pipe details or use candy (ie Choc chip eyes)
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This isn't what I was picturing but it's an option...
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Hi, thanks for the reply. I did find that video. I dont want to use fondant, so I want to figure something else for the tongue. 

Is there a test to know if the icing is stiff enough? or trial and error? I figure the first few I decorate will end up going to the volunteers, lol

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It's sort of something you get a feel for, maybe someone else could explain but it's more trial& error. Just add a little liquid, you can always add more. If its too soft add powdered sugar.
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