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Chocolate Pairing

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I'm going to make my mom's 60th birthday cake and we've settled on fall themed colors (rust, orange, yellow, brown). I'm going to make a rosette cake and would like to do vertical layers with one layer being chocolate. What other layer flavor would go well with chocolate and coincide with the fall color theme? I don't think lemon would be good. Pumpkin - not everyone is a fan. Thoughts? Ideas?
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Brown Sugar Cinnamon is yummy. Or strawberry, even Neapolitan. Caramel. Banana (not sure that's a fall flavor though).
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If you can't come up with flavor combinations, you could always just use white cake and use food coloring to achieve the colors you need in your cake.

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Many people really like the flavours of chocolate and orange together. That might work.
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Espresso, white chocolate, (can be coloured), raspberry.

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I definitely thought of raspberry. One of my favorite combos...but wasn't sure if that was an autumn thing. You know I love a combination of pecans and cranberries. There may be some way to incorporate those into a filling. Both very autumn foods.

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Thanks everyone, those are all helpful. I love, love, love chocolate and raspberry together and hadn't even thought about mocha! Either of those would be fabulous. Thanks!
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