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That price is very low for most places. Compare your prices to custom cupcakes, not grocery store cupcakes that are baked, probably out of state, frozen, shipped and then iced with an icing that never has to be refrigerated and barely qualifies as food. Yesterday I bought 4 cupcakes at Crave and it was like $14. They were quite good, btw.


And keep in mind that not everyone wants to pay $2.50-$3.75 for undecorated cupcakes, but that doesn't mean you should lower your price for those people. Find people who appreciate the product.

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I charge $30 per dozen for my cupcakes and that includes just a basic icing swirl.  If the person wants white chocolate décor, fondant or gumpaste décor, I charge more.

So I would have charged $120 for the 4 dozen.



You need to sit down with all of your receipts, figure out how much you pay for ALL of your ingredients, including liners, packaging, etc....Then cost out each recipe (cake and frosting recipes), then each cupcake (including the frosting and filling), then each dozen cupcakes including cost of liners and packaging.  Then figure in all other overhead costs.


If you don't already, you may want to get a Sam's or Costco membership and start buying flour, sugar, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, vanilla, extracts, butter, cream cheese, cream, milk and eggs in bulk.

No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government...


No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government...

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Scrum you beat me!

I win!!

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I guess you don't need a hard-and-fast business plan, but you should have something to aim at, and a strategy for how to get there.  "Business plans" tend to miss out a lot of things along the way, you may be over optimistic, etc.  But if you're focused on the bottom line, promotion, quality standards, etc - all separately and as building blocks - then you stand a good chance of doing just fine.

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Like Everyone has already said, you really need to do your research, Jason Kraft is the perfect person to answer all your questions. You need to figure out the cost of ingredients, packaging, your overhead costs, your time ( how much you want to make per hour) and also research market value in your area for products of similar quality. Don't worry about what grocery stores and places like Walmart charge because although people will always ask why we cost more than them, they are not your direct competitors. You cant start your business until you know what your going to charge. a business plan is essential, also you need to know all your legal requirements in your state.

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