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rag doll cake

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hi, ive been asked to make a large 3d rag doll cake,has ayone got any idea what cake tin to use for the body? and how would i make the head ? as it would have to be rather large and round. thankyou

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Have you thought about carving the body? You could make the head out of cake or rice crispies.
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hi thats what i was going to do,never made rice crispy before but i was bothered about the fondant looking dented or not smooth enough for the head especially round the face area,i was going to use a pudding bowl for the body and shape the sides down, what do you think?

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You can either mix your RKT with modeling chocolate to smooth it or cover with ganache before the fondant.

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After you have your RKTs the shape that you want them, smooth melted candy melts over the shape in several thin coats, filling in the dents and crevices, and allowing it to cool and set in between each coat.  Once you have several coats on it and it is fairly smooth (you can't see the bumps from the rice krispies) smooth any ridges or bumps in the candy melt coating with your fingers just by rubbing them smooth.  The heat of your skin will soften it just enough to smooth it out.  Once you have smoothed it with your fingers, Let it set up solid and cover in fondant.

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You can carve the body and make the head whit cake dummi or stitofom, take a look of my Luigui cake in children's birthday cakes thr body is cake and the head is stitofoam
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