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Mango and saffron?

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I'm making a last minute cake for Saturday for a total foodie that doesn't like really sweet things. I'm usually really good at working out flavours, but I don't feel too hot and the idea of cake just makes me sick. lol

(not contagious sick, just fyi)


In the past, I have always made him mango ginger carrot cake with rum IMBC, he loves that, but wants something different, but still wants mango.

I normally pair mango with ginger or coconut, he hates coconut, and I don't want to make him something too similar to past orders.


I am thinking saffron chiffon cake, with mango curd and plain IMBC, sound good or no? I want someone else to come make decisions for me for the rest of the week. Pretty please?


(I saw saffron mentioned in another post, and it popped into my head as a yummy combo, but I don't have in my kitchen to do a quick taste test with)

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This is kind of out there but what about habanero... I love mango habanero salsa but not sure if that would work for cake.
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Let the saffron sit overnight in some liquid mix with the mango you will get a beautiful yellow color and flavor to the mango.

We make organic mango saffron ice cream also saffron ginger.  Remember saffron takes up to 24 hours to release so be patient.

Good luck

Juan, Vanilla, Saffron Imports

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