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Need help with a fondant recipe!

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I haven't been making cakes for very long, but I've gotten lots of requests for them lately. I've been using Wilton fondant (I know I know, I'm learning its no good, but haven't used anything else to compare it to)...I would really like to start making my cakes with a decent fondant that people would want to eat and not peel their cake like an orange...does anyone have a good mmf recipe that I can use to cover a 2 tiered cake, plus decorations? I have tried making mmf before and it was awful, it cracked and there was a huge mess in my kitchen, help!!
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Have you tried Michelle Foster's Fondant?  It's a few extra steps and has a few ingredients but it's great stuff!

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Norasmom, Can you share the recipe??  I found one on CC but then I also found a post that said to use the one that has the 2 tbsp. ingredients and I can't find that one.  Apparently there are several versions. Thanks a bunch.

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When I make my MMF I melt 10 oz of marshmallows in the microwave with 2 TBSP water & TBSP Vanilla (if you need pure white you can use clear vanilla or add white food coloring) until melted. I then add PS until its the consistency I like...recipe calls for 2 lbs but I find that to be too much for me. Let it sit overnight...sometimes I use it right then and have never had problems. You can use any flavoring you want..doesn't have to be vanilla

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Thanks BatterUpCake, I was looking for the MFF (Michelle Foster Fondant) recipe. I currently make the MMF kind and was looking for something different.
post #6 of 6 it cross-eyed!! I havent tried that one. I like my MMF but I got a free gift card from my cake store and bought some Satin Ice...while I like the flavor it's too soft for me.

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