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First, I did not bring up the serving amount, another poster did, that wasn't my question. Second, you are right that the serving charts have been discussed a lot but you are wrong is saying most every one uses one chart.  I too have read these threads and it is a mixed topic.  I use party serving for anything other the wedding cakes and wedding charts for wedding cakes.  My question has nothing to do with which serving charts I use.  I live in Texas where everything has to be bigger and most if not all people in Texas cut bigger pieces and eat all the piece which is why I use a bigger serving chart for party cakes. 


To howsweet, as I said I have never heard of Dallas Foam before but have just looked them up.  I'm not sure if it would be cheaper to pick it up or not since Dallas is about 45 minuets or more from me (especially since gas is about $3.60 a gallon)  plus the time it would take to get there and back compared to $6.50 that they charge for shipping may not even be worth me picking it up.  Their prices are great and I am so happy you told me about them as I will be using them from now on whenever I do need dummies (which again is not very often).  On my prices, I am not sure where you are located but where I am I am only slightly cheaper then most bakeries around me, which are mainly home bakeries as there is only a very few storefront bakeries (besides grocery stores).  Also, my prices are basic prices which it does say on my site, but I am steadily increasing my prices.  And btw, this isn't a problem.  I was just wondering how everyone else prices their dummy cakes.  Also, I do get customers from both cities but I am MUCH closer to Fort Worth the Dallas so not so many customers coming from Dallas (especially since there are so many more bakeries there).

I'm in Texas, too and I know very well that cakes go for plenty in Dallas/FortWorth, but you're hooked into customer base that knows where to get cheap cake. I serve my entire metropolitan area and regularly deliver my cakes 45 min-1 hour away.  It's worth it when I'm selling, say,  a 3 tier cake for $400-600.  You do beautiful work and are selling yourself short.  Don't compare yourself to other home bakers as they are obviously undercharging, too. You owe it to yourself to work for an amount that's fair to your precious time and talent. If you aren't extremely angry at me for my posts, please pm me if you would be open to a couple of suggestions to improve you customer base. They probably aren't anything you haven't thought of, but I'd be happy to share what worked for me.

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Howsweet, I am totally not upset or mad at any of your posts, so if you have some suggestions for me definitely pm me.  I really don't compare myself to other bakers in my area, there are some the do charge much more then me and some that charge much less then me.  I also want to let you know that I rarely sell a cake for my base price.  Those are just starting prices and most people want a lot of extras on their cake so the final prices on the cakes end up a lot more then the base price.  I also am able to get cake out pretty quickly and only work about maybe 20 hours a week (a few hours on Wednesdays to bake, a few hours on Thursday to fill and crumb coat cakes, 8 hours on Friday to cover in fondant and decorate and 3 hours on Saturday to finish up anything I still need to do).

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But you also need to count in your shopping, planning and cleaning time as well as pricing in boxes, foil, wax paper, electricity, water....

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Batterupcakes, yes I do all that.

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