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Keeping models stable

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Hello, not sure if this is in the right category, if there is one for models please advise, thanks.  I have just got interested in making fondant type models but as a beginner am having terrible trouble keeping the models stable.  I find the head sinks into the neck, the neck sinks into the chest which then sinks into the torso, etc. which causes cracking,I use bbq skewers but it doesn't stop the sinking.  When I see the beautiful models on some websites I'd love to know the techniques involved.  Can anyone hep?

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We make lots of hand-modeled figurines.

It sounds like you're trying to make them all in one sitting - which means the weight of the next step (part) is causing the soft fondant to sink.

Try kneading some tylo powder or CMC into your paste to make it more stable.

We make them in stages over a period of several days (or longer) and let them dry between steps.
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Ah, thank you so much, that is exactly what I did.  I sat down and did it all together and now my long lithe model has become short and squat, oh dear.  One big lesson I am having to learn is patience.  I will start another model and this time do it over several days.  I have also ordered some of the strengthening powder to add to it.

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Good luck! Post pictures when you get it figured out. I love pictures. lol

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Or, you can do it in one sitting, but make the pieces separate so they dry a bit, then put it all together the following day. So, make the legs, put a skewer/spaghetti in and stab into a cake dummy so they dry in the right position. I also do the shoes right after the legs, and make a hole for the skewer, but dry them separately.

Make the torso, put it on the legs to create the hole for the skewer but then take it off and leave to dry. Make the head/neck, also creating a hole for the skewer. I find arms are best made and added as you build the model, unless you specifically need the arms to be dried in a certain position, in which case you can do them ahead of time. 

Once you add the tylo/CMC to the fondant, it won't sag as much and will dry much quicker. I use 1/2 to 1 tsp CMC for 250g fondant. Good luck!

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