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really?? wilton doesnt work where i live. then again its a mystery as to what works because ive bought flowers from the US completely dry and they melt within two weeks of being here. if i make anything with gumtex bet you bottow dollar it turns to syrup lol. they few pieces i see that work here the baker wont give the recipe or tips to get it to work. everything is different here. sucks

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I only use wilton or nick lodge recipe. sometimes i use half wilton and half nick lodge. I love both. Never , never have a problem with wilton. No one eats hard g/p. at least i never have. don,t wont to break a tooth or whatever. I just put  my decos in front of fan and soon they are dry. I have put fondant/g/p peices in oven on low and get them to dry faster. good luck with your projects .

The Nic Lodge recipe that he has on Craftsy isnt his original one. It's closer to a pastillage, which is more brittle. I found a recipe that he used in the ********** book we used in culinary school, and it's a more traditional one that has gelatin in it. I like it better than the Craftsy one, and it dries harder than fondant with tylose in it. I made some seashells from fondant with tylose and some with the original N.L. recipe, and put them in the same container after they dried. It's been really humid here, and when I went to get some of them the fondant ones had totally softened up to the point where I had to put them out on a tray again to re-dry them, but the N.L recipe ones were just as hard as they had been to begin with.

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oh for pete's sake, I hate that little censorship, it makes me look like I'm cursing up a storm. The recipe was in his book called the International School of Sugar   Craft but with the last word one word not two.

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