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Hi!  I was wondering if you could tell me what color gold dust you used.  Was it the old gold?  Thanks so much!

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Hello. I am trying to make a Saints cake and was curious if you just use the ivory color or do you also use the gold dust? I have never used or seen ivory in fondant before and am worried that it may look more white than gold. Thanks

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What do you mix the pearl dust with to make the "paint"?

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Most of the time, I mix the pearl dust with lemon EXTRACT.  The oil in it helps to make the paint smooth and stops it from rubbing off the item easily.


If the lemon flavor is an issue--it's subtle, but sometimes I don't want it--I mix the dust with Everclear--or any other clear, high alcohol content, booze. 

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Originally Posted by CakeGeekUk View Post

Depending on the effect you'd like to create, you can use (i) edible gold paints (light & dark gold) applied with a sponge, (ii) edible gold dust (I love "solar gold" by Almond Art (for UK decorators) or (iii) edible lustre sprays for a smoother finish.  (iv) For a super shiny, totally luxurious look, you can opt for gold leaf but it's tricky to apply.  You'll find a tutorial here if you need help:

Those are some awesome cakes, so opulent.

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First, I think that purse cake is amazing! So gorgeous! 


Second, I agree with the poster who said to ONLY use FDA safe luster dust. Yes, there are others out there that maybe give a better effect but you have to CLEARLY state to your client to remove those before they cut and serve the cake. I'd even have them sign something saying that they understand that.


Third, are you going for the gold details for a look from Cake Opera Co. or Ron Ben Israel? If so, check out a store that I came across on facebook. I was able to do some really ornate cakes and charge a pretty penny for them! I just bought a few new molds and am so excited to do a dummy cake that is Marie Antoinette over the top French for sure!

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