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Jem Soccer ball

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Hi everyone

Has anyone else had problems with the Jem Soccer ball and shirt cutters?  I am so frustrated trying to make the soccer ball!  It seems the pieces you cut - white hexagons and black pentagons - are too big to fit around the sphere shapes provided.  Has anyone else had this problem, or can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks lovlies


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Hi Trac, 

I know that this reply is a year late but thought it may help someone out there ! 


don't buy the ball cutters as the shape of hexagons and pentagons will vary depending on the size of the ball that you are making. There is a simple formula to calculate the sides of the cut out pieces. I found a link on YouTube called : How to make a football (soccer) cake. Alternatively you can find the You Tube video link here:


I used this link and made a complete sphere cake for this years world cup. 


Cake on a cake made for work raffle for opening day of World Cup Brazil 2014 Football tournament.


Complete sphere lemon sponge football cake for World Cup 2014

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