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I'm with Denette!  I know it's common for a bride to want a big cake, but if you are only needing to feed 50 guests, you can still do a 2 tier cake (10-6 i.e.) and space it with a separator of some sort to make it appear bigger.

Downsize before you skimp on supplies!  You want this to be something you are proud to say you made right?  If you cut corners your end-result is not going to make you OR the bride happy. 

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I admire that you want to help your friend. However she shouldn't have invited so many people if her budget is so limited . She is also taking advantage of your generous offer to gift a cake if she is suggesting that she wants a 4 tier cake that feeds so many more people than will be attending. Use the Wilton wedding serving chart for your tier sizes.
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What about doing a couple tiers as fake/styrofoam cake? Or convince her a two-tier cake can be very elegant, too.  It's possible she may not realize how much a 4 tier cake would cost you to make, as well.  It might be uncomfortable to have a conversation about how much it does cost and where your limit is and if she wants to pay for more, she can, but well worth it in the end so there are no hard feelings.

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That's a lot more cake than she needs, I'd didn't realize it was only for 50 guests.
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I don't think either of us realized how much it's going to cost honestly. I know she invited between 125-150 but most of those people were probably Facebook "friends" and of course family. But at her first wedding there were only like 20 or so and that was all her family. I would say 75 at the most will be there but I still figure less. But I'm afraid that on the off chance that more would show up, I want there to be enough cake. Yet, I don't want to work so hard for it to be thrown in the trash either :( My mother in law says to do a 14, 10, and 8. And according to Wilton's that would serve 140. I think that's plenty of cake. But I think she may be disappointed that it's not as big or as much as she wants. I'm not going to not do the cake, I just don't want it to be over kill. Plus I thought we had a 12in. pan and we don't so that is an extra expense there. I sound like I"m being cheap, now I see why wedding cakes are so expensive!

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When is the wedding and when are her rsvps due? That should give you a good idea of how many people will attend. What number is she giving the caterer? I just hate for you to double the amount of cake, it seems unnecessary. You can give her that big look with a faux tier as the others suggested.
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Be careful with offering fake tiers. Dummies are costly and you still have the full expense and time of icing and decorating. If the bride is so concerned about having a large, showy cake she can chip in some cash.
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