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shipping cake

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I need to ship a wedding cake from the gulf coast to Indpls.  My plan is to ship only the layers (tiers), not iced and finish it when I arrive.  My concerns are, of course how to package, but also if I freeze it and send it off, when they receive it on their end, could they put back into freezer?  I would like to send it a couple of weeks early so that if this does not work I can make the tiers again that did not survive.  What do you all think??

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I personally think posting any form of cake is a disaster waiting to happen! Good luck if you decide to post. And I wouldn't re-freeze after already freezing.

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I think it'd be very risky, especially since it's summer.  There's a thread around here where somebody successfully shipped a cake, but IIRC they had to do a lot of work to ensure it wouldn't crumble en route.  Also, even if you do take every precaution to make sure the layers are intact, there's no guarantee they will.


Since you have to be up there to decorate it, I'd think it would make more sense to do the entire cake there...?

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