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Red wine Swiss meringue

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Has anyone here ever added red wine to SMBC? I am making a chocolate red wine cupcake, and would like to boost the wine flavor by adding it to the frosting, but want to be sure it will work. Should it be reduced first?
Thank you in advance!
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Also, any suggestions for fillings would also be appreciated. I was considering a ganache, but am not sure if it would be too rich. Trying to make a very special cupcake, and am using expensive wine, so I want it to be just right. icon_smile.gif
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I have used red wine in ganache but not BC. I think making a red wine ganache for a filling would be yummy! You could even brush the cupcake with the red wine (like a simple syrup) either or both would be yummy! I have infused several several types of liquor into BC though and I've never had a problem.
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I have done it with champagne, but not red wine. I would try just a little, and see how it tastes. I would definitely reduce it first, maybe just a quarter cup, then mix that into a small amount of the butter cream and see how it is.

If it's no good, you will only have wasted 1/4 cup.


For a filling I would probably play with the flavours in the wine. Red wines often have blackberry or cherry notes, so maybe a blackberry compote inside? (or whatever fruit/berry matches)

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I just goggled a couple recipes for the red wine smbc and they do reduce the wine to a syrup, with a little sugar.
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