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I aske my customers about their budget, it helps save time I think. If I have someone who emails me a picture of a six tiered cake but her budget is >$300 I can immediately explain to her that this cake with exceed her budget. So she can either cut costs in a different area to have more money for her cake or we'll discuss how we can get her the cake of her dreams while staying within her budget.

Anyway, I would just send her a friendly email saying, "Payment and confirmation are required by ____ time tomorrow in order to secure your date and allow me to have your cake completed by ______." Or something like that. People that don't bake or decorate don't always realize how much goes into making these creations and how time consuming they actually are! If it were me I would charge an additional rush charge, for booking so late-but that's your call.

As much as I wanted this order to materialize, I won't bother anymore even if she is willing to pay extra (which I doubt) as I have a cupcake request for this Saturday as well. I was only willing to do her dummy cake as i would have had time earlier in the week and I would have no issues of it being stale or go bad. I texted her on Saturday to let her know that she has to confirm by Sunday noon latest. No response so I haven't communicated after that.

Thanks so much for your valuable advise which will definitely help me in my future dealings. You guys are awesome and so generous to share your wisdom with us newbies..