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So I had a bunch of left over cake and decided to give these little devils a try.  I brought back up into the kitchen (my kids) to tackle this.  1. I put the cake into the food processor, it didn't get broke down like I've seen videos of it.  So I had to add buttercream into it. 2. I must say rolling them were a PITA!! It was nice to have my kids help me, but if I were to make them to sell them I couldn't use their 3. I must have left them in the fridge too long b/c even though my candy melts weren't too warm, some did crack. I even had 1 fall off the stick after it had hardened.


The taste wasn't too bad, but the ones I tasted were coated in dark chocolate candy melts and had peanut butter buttercream added.  So they more or less tasted like a buckeye.  The bottom line is I will never offer these and be subjected to make hundreds for people. It was a fun experiment with my kids by my teenage daughter got sick of it quick.  They love eating them though!


So I give all of you HUGE KUDOS that make these to sell them and make hundreds at a time!

Agreed. I HATE doing them. I don't offer them to people. It is far too time consuming. 

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hi all i need to make a number of cake pops for next weekend, can i start them this week and keep them out in room temperature to avoid sweating when storing in the fridge ?  thnks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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