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It turned out really nicely! You must remember that you are your own worst critic (is that the expression? Well it's at least something like that) regardless its true!
It's great to strive to do better each time, but try not to be so hard on yourself! Especially trying a new medium, which can be super frustrating!
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I think it looks great!!! Can I ask how you made those pages - they look awesome!
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Thanks so much everyone!  I am totally my own worst critic. I think we all are.  Its easy to pick apart your own work.  But the birthday girl loved the cake and it was super yummy so that's all that is important icon_biggrin.gif


@still_learning i made the pages by taking rice paper (from the asian grocery store) and drawing the images on with a paint brush and undiluted gel dye


I printed off the writing and traced it because my freehand caligraphy isnt that great lol

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Wow - that painting is amazing!!! Thanks for sharing how you did it - WOW!!!
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Just a little FYI..a couple of years ago, I had a cake that had japanese kanji all over way was I going to try and paint that on myself! Although I would like to get better at painting, but I digress. I went to my local Kroger bakery and gave them a word document that I had printed out with all the characters I needed, and they ran it through their handy dandy printer onto rice paper. I then cut out the characters and adhered them to the butter cream on my cake with piping gel.It worked great and only cost me a couple of dollars Just wanted to pass on the info.


The book cake looks great, BTW!

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Awesome information!  Thank you, I did not realize that was even an option ^_^

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