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Help to avoid a cake disaster

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Hello, hobby baker here till I get some more practice in and can get legal.  My friend is having a surprise party for his wife and I'm making the cake as my gift.  He wants an open book with some spells from the tv show charmed written on it.  I have the Wilton open book pan so I don't need to carve and I've painted the pages on rice paper, my concern is attaching it to the cake.  I am going to make a mmf to cover the cake.  I read that piping gel will attach it, but I don't want to mess up the details.  


Any tips or tricks?


Heres a picture of one of the pages so you have an idea what I'm working with




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Wow that is so nice! Great job! Sorry I don't have experience with rice paper. Just wanted to say that sounds cool! Try checking YouTube tutorials? Good luck! Post a pic when it's done! icon_smile.gif
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Thanks :) I have no experience with it either, lol.  I've watched one video on You Tube, but didn't look for more (I got there through a Google search). I'll definitely search it directly. 

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I wouldn't use piping gel to attach it to the cake! I ordered some rice paper a while back and have been looking up tutorials on what to do with it. I haven't worked with it yet but I'd be afraid it would dissolve or smudge the writing-I would experiment with a separate piece of the rice paper with some writing, I'd cover with fondant a rub lightly with crisco then try applying it.

Like I said, I'm not sure, and I could be totally wrong! Hopefully someone with experience will know more
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Fortunately (unfortunately?) I happen to have a half done page to test with because I left it sitting out over night for the dye to dry and it started to curl in on itself, when I went to straighten it it cracked in half....  Instead of struggling to fix it, working with a medium I'm unfamiliar with, I decided to just start over.  

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Not sure if this will help but I bought some of the wafer paper plaques to adhere to cookies this year and I used corn syrup. I spread it very thin on the back with my finger then applied it to a cookie that had been frosted with royal icing and it stuck perfectly. The wafer paper also curled up very fast! The corn syrup tip was from the instructions that came with the wafer paper.

Good luck and your page looks awesome!


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Oh I'm so sorry! That stinks!
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After a very ementary school like science project where I rolled out some fondant and applied different sections of my broken piece with different adhesives and let sit out overnight I can report this:


Crisco- Page sticks nicely, no running of the gel color, edges will curl up but can be placed back down


Piping Gel- Page will eventually sticks, color will run, edges curl up and can be placed back down once dry


Water-  Page will eventually stick, color will run, edges curl up but can't be placed back down after drying


Corn Syrup- Page stuck nicely, small color runing, edges will curl very slightly but can be placed back. 


Clear Vanilla Extract- Hahahahahahahaha, just no.... 


So after my very scientific studydetective.gif It'll either be Crisco  or corn syrup.  I think I like the look of corn syrup the best, its less "greasy" On the top of the fondant.  


Thanks so much for the ideas!! I'll post a photo when finished 

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Not a complete disaster,  but not perfect....  

Inspiration picture:




Cake picture:


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OMG...Disaster? That's the complete opposite! Great job!

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Wow!!! You did a fabulous job!!!!

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It's beautiful!
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Wow! You did a fantastic job on that! 

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Beautiful cake-you did a great job!
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In the future, all you have to do is when you are ready to add the page to the cake (which needs to be sealed in a plastic bag while being stored or it will dry out and will break) is put it in the freezer for about 10 seconds or so (on a flat surface is best) and then bring it out and place it on the cake.  It will condensate just a tad and pretty much wet the back enough to stick to the cake. 

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