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Pink Lemonade cupcakes

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So, I have a bride who wants 150 pink lemonade cupcakes, and we found a super cute picture



3295333303_3ed7b25de2.jpg 115k .jpg file


Awwee, cute cupcakes, right? Ummm no!  I've been experimenting, and can't figure out the lemons!  They start to get all juicy and drip everywhere, so that the cupcakes are sitting in a puddle of lemon juice, and then they fall over because they've melted the frosting with all of their juiciness!  Anyone have any advice?  I saw somewhere where they had dipped the lemons in sugar, and I tried that because I thought it would look cute.  Could that have been the problem?  I also can't find a good stiff frosting that tastes good.  I don't want the nasty crisco butter cream, and I am afraid that the SMBC isn't stiff enough to hold the lemons. Not to mention that the wedding is going to be during the heat of the summer, so SMBC would probably just melt.  Any advice there?  Something not too sweet?

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Try googling crystallised lemons or candied lemons - it doesn't look exactly the same, but would be a good way of preventing any moisture escaping.

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