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Wired Flowers

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I been watching a lot of videos for decorating cakes, but I had also seen a lot of professionals just placing the flowers directly on their cakes all do they might be cover with flower tape. I don't even know if I should follow their example or if I should do it in a different way.?

I always cover the flowers with flower tape but I don't know if I should put them directly on a cake or not. I have a wedding cake for Saturday and I don't want to make a mistake is the first big cake I am making. Any advise would be helpful. so I guess this are the questions.

1- Should I place the flowers directly on the cake all do the wires are cover with flower tape?

2- Should I buy the Wilton flower cones I seen in their magazines?

3- What should I do????

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Are you talking about real flowers? Not sure about the floral tape, don't know what thw wilton flower cone is. Could you use the flower tubes that are clear? You can place the flower in the tubes and place the tubes directly into the cake. That way the flowers do not come in contact with the cake. Good luck.
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Are you asking about gumpaste flowers or real flowers?

Some real flowers are poisonous and should not touch a cake directly.

As for the gumpaste flowers I stick them into the cake or attach with RI.

I could however be doing this completely the wrong way...but I'm here today and didn't die from it if it was wrong.

icon_lol.gif I'm here to learn though like I said that might be wrong.

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I am talking about the Gumpaste wire flowers. I had never make a cake with real flowers yet. I just saw a video of the cake boss and he is just placing the flowers directly into the cakes without straws or nothing just the flower tape covering the wire.... Should I follow his example? The problem with the straws I am thinking is that the cake has a lot of flowers all over the place and I if I use straws the cake will cover with I am just so scare of messing this cake because is for a dear friend of mine.

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This thread should answer all your questions.

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I always use straws cut to length so that no wire touches my cakes. Wire is hazardous unless you are using surgical steel and that is way too expensive for any cake designer.

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