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Embossed chocolate or buttercream

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Does anyone know how to get a 3-D look UNDER cake frosting or chocolate pour perhaps?

I want to see the design under the frosting.

Any ideas?

A class?




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Can I ask why you want it under the frosting? Maybe someone else has an idea for how to do it. I can tell you how to do it under fondant. What type of design are you going for?

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Thank you for ans

wering me.

I would be more than happy to hear you method.  Maybe I can adapt it.

I want to use the design as a background to set off the gum paste decorations.

Rather like a shadow or a repeat, to reinforce the theme.

I don't know if I can explain what is in my head (it wouldn't be the first time!!!)

I am looking for another dimension, or an if it were embossed rather than just a decoration stuck on the top of a cake.

I can see it in my head, just don't know how to make it happen.

I might be just a little over ambitious, but my family can always eat the mistakes, in fact, they actually like my failures!!!!


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And to answer your question about the design...leaves maybe?


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If it's like a shadow-effect, can't you use a lighter shade of the the image you're using underneath and slightly to the left or right of the image but still above the buttercream?

For example,  dark green leaf with identical but lighter (or darker) green leaf positioned under it to create a "shadow".  Here's a quick pic I pulled from Google image to explain my rambling!

If you put something underneath your buttercream, I would think it would just look lumpy - but maybe someone else out there has an idea!  Good Luck!




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I think you are would look lumpy with butter cream, that is why I thought a chocolate pour might work better...but thanks for your input and I am open to all suggestions!!!!!!

I will give your idea a try

I may just wind up carving out the design I want into marzipan, after I lay the marzipan over the cake that is, and then pouring chocolate glaze over the whole, and IF it works, then add a top design...I dunno...MAYbe.

I just want a woodland-y kind of backdrop and then lay a forest-y kind of floor on top.

The problem is, I THINK like Renoir and have Charlie Chaplin hands

Thanks again, and if you think of anything else, drop me a line.


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You're welcome ! Please post a pic of your result! I'm very interested to see how it turns out!!
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As far as how to do it with fondant, if I want a leaf, I would put a fondant leaf on the cake and then cover the whole thing with fondant. Then in the one spot it would stick out. 

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I can hardly wit to see how it turns out too!!!

Although, it may have to get posted under the "Cake Wrecks" category!!!!!

We shall see



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