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Lego birthday cake

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I am needing to make a Lego cake for my daughter's birthday.  Does anyone know if anyone and if so, who sells a fondant mat or rolling pin that you can use on fondant to give the texture of the top of legos?  All the mats and pins I have found are "polka dots" and they are not in the perfect geometric pattern of legos.  Please help!  They party is less than a month away and I made the mistake of showing her Cake Wreaks Sunday Sweets today so now she has HUGE ideas of how she wants her cake to look.  Ugh!

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I did a Lego cake a little while ago and I made molds myself for the Lego bricks. To make them I used some old fondant, kneaded in a generous amount of tylose powder and pressed a clean Lego brick into it. I covered the brick in a layer of vegetable oil first so it wouldn't stick and carefully wiggled it out of the fondant lump, then I left the mold to dry for a couple of days. I made several of these using different sizes. They worked very well for making the fondant bricks, I just had to be careful and patient. To make the top surface of my cake look like a Lego board, I actually used my son's Lego board like an impression mat. I washed it and dried it well and used the back side of it.
This is a picture of the cake I did this way. It isn't perfect, but the family I made it for loved it!
Hope that is helpful and good luck with your cake!
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Are you doing a lot of little Legos or 1 big one? I have seen logo molds but not mats. You could just cut circles with a piping tip and use those to get the dots. Personally, I would use the molds and fit them together. 

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Not sure if I am too late with this, but check this out:

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