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using black fondant please help

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hi everyone 

i am wanting to make a playstation 3 cake but never used black fondant before to cover a full cake. when using black to decorate its always so soft and a bit wet so when touched it leaves finger marks on. i usually dust the cake with icing sugar but with this being black i wont be able to as it will leave marks so any tips on covering with black icing would be great.


also how can i keep the black fondant shiny once on the cake iv heard brushing with a little vodka but have only used vodka for painting. would the cake taste of vodka if i did this or any tips on keeping it shiny would be great 


thankyou so much any any tips and advice would be appreciated 

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Are you making your own black fondant or buying pre-made?  I don't like the store bought kind but it is the only thing I have found that gives a true black.  I have extended it by making a chocolate fondant and mixing the two together and then adding more black power colorant.  By mixing it, it is stiffer and keeps the finger prints out.


For shiny, I just rub a light coat of shortening on it since I don't have a steamer.

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Use Satin Ice black and when you are finished with the cake, use a gentle steam to remove all the powder and give it a bit of shine.  If you use vodka all over it, it may take a while to dry, some if it may remain very sticky, and if you have any decorations on it, the black will bleed into them. Just be careful with your steamer, if it spatters any, it will leave spots on the cake, kinda like after a car wash. HTH!

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thanks for your replys i am buying pre made black icing as i dont think you can make a true black either. thanks for the advice about vodka i wont be using this now i dont have a steamer either so ill try to rub some shortening over to make a bit of a shine but thank you very helpful

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I've always noticed with myself and fellow bakers who have used black fondant that by the time I am done decorating the cake more often than not the fondant already starts to get a lil shiny. I buy store made fondant for the true black color so my piece of advice would be that after you decorate the cake let the cake sit a lil before you decide to apply vodka/shortening for the shine.




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