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How to ganache under fondant

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I have been cake decorating for some time but have always used buttercream under fondant. Recently I have noticed more people are using ganache instead of buttercream.

Can someone please give me the recipe and talk me through how to apply ganache under fondant. The cakes I make are mostly 10" diameter and 5" high.

Thank you in advance
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Start with this video:


and wath the next two as well. Just about everything you need to know!

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I made an 11" round by 6" tall 3 layer cake last week. I used 1.5 kg choc and 750 gm cream. I found it was missing something ( flavour wise ) even though I used quality eating chocolate so I put some oil based essence (hazlenut in my case. peppermint would be nice too) in to jack up the yummy-ness. See how yours tastes.
This quantity did 2 layers between and coated the sides & top liberally. If this is your first attempt at using ganache
( oh I whipped it some too which built up volume a bit) I would use this quantity & see how you go. The outside walls ended up as thick as the fillings which looked nice on the cut cake. I use Michelle's methods for making the ganache.
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Thanks for the advice. Michelle's tutorial is great, just what I need. X
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There's a must-see free class taught by Linda Harden, which you can find here:


The actual design is pretty basic, but preparing the cake for fondant, including ganaching...and after, getting a sharp fondant edge at the top, is really amazing...I learned a lot.


She's a great teacher.

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