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How to keep fondant from pulling away from heart cake

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I'm having an issue with the fondant pulling away from the top crease of the heart.  I use buttercream underneath and it looked perfect but after about 30 minutes, then I look down and the space on the top of the heart comes away at the indention.  How can I keep it from doing that?   I usually don't refrigerate my cakes before putting the fondant on, could that be my problem?  I'm worried if it's cold the fondant won't stick either.  My fondant wasn't thick at all.  Any suggestions would be great.  I have a wedding cake to do in Aug. and I have to deliver it like 40 miles away and I'm getting a little worried my heart cake won't be a heart when I get there or stay a heart come the reception.

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My BC coating is usally a little stiffer when I am  using fondant. I always place my cakes in refrig before & after applying the fondant.  I have never had any challenges with the fondant pulling away.   I think if you set your bc first before applying your fondant it might work better for you.  Hope this helps.....icon_smile.gif

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It could be due to a couple of things in my opinion. One, was your buttercream coat made wet with water to apply your fondant? Otherwise, it may look like it's sticking but it won't be. Just make sure you pay special attention to dampen that area of the cake properly, and really push your fondant against the cake to get it to stick correctly. Two, it could be your brand of fondant. I have used one kind of fondant before that rolls out fine, but then seems to "shrink" back into itself. This may have happened to you too.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I didn't know you could wet down your buttercream under the fondant. That doesn't effect the fondant in any way huh? What do you use to put the water on with? A spray bottle? I usually make my own MMF but I'm trying Satin Ice this time to see how it works.
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Yes, you definitely need to dampen the buttercream to make the fondant stick, especially if you use a recipe for buttercream that crusts. I use ganache under fondant now but in the early days I used buttercream, and used to use a water spray (with boiled, cooled water in it). You could use a pastry brush, gently. It doesn't affect the fondant, just makes it sticky on the underside. Just use the water sparingly but thoroughly - any dry patches will mean the fondant doesn't stick and it's likely you'll get air bubbles.


I just remembered some people roll out their fondant on Crisco, which would also make the fondant sticky enough to be applied to the BC with no water.

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