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Pricing Matrix needed

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Hello beautiful people!


I am starting my cake business and well ... I have tons of problems when it comes to pricing, I saw a sticky in this forum about a Pricing Matrix but I just can't find the link or file to download.


Can any of you please help me finding it? I looked already at the CakeBoss software but since Im starting, paying $100-something for it is a lot!  


I would really appreciate if you can send me the link or the actual file!


Thank you so much in advance! 



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Also, if you need help using it as it can be a bit confusing the first few times

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Thank you soooo much!!!


It asked me to send a request to open it so I did lol!!


I read the instructions and it looks complicated, I guess once you start using it it gets easier! :)

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Yeah, I didn't realize it defaulted to requesting instead of just sharing. I fixed that. The most important thing is pricing how much you spend per recipe before starting.

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Also, if you need it, I can send you the matrix I made to price out my recipe.

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Hi Bct806,


I was wondering if there is a cake matrix for scratch cakes? If so will you please post. I don't use mixes and so I'm not real sure how to use Alice's.



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I have one that I use to figure out the price of my cake recipe, not how much to charge for the cake itself.


He has a great straight forward formula for how to price cakes. If you want me to send you the file for how I priced out my recipe I can. Mine are scratch as well.

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Would you please sent me yours so I can see which one works best for me.



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Yes can you please send it to me?


I also do 95% of my cakes from scratch so it would be very useful, I haven't try to use Alice's yet, but might be a way to add the price of cake instead of the box ...

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Can you please send it to me also?


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Like I said, just to see how much it costs you to make the cake. Doesn't include you time and Labor. I didn't add fondant since not many people here like it. You have to know how much each thing cost you when you buy it and then calculate the price per unit.

Example: I buy butter in 4 lb boxes. I pay 8.88 for that. (No tax here in Fl, if you do, make sure you add it into the price.)

                            4 lbs of butter=16 sticks             So 8.88/16=0.55

It costs me 0.55 per stick to make a recipe of frosting or cake.


I have calculations built into it but they are based on what I buy. 



Price for recipe (Autosaved).xlsx 11k .xlsx file
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Thank you so much!

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Very welcome!

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