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food color shimmer dust

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I am making a shoe and purse/ Each will have a few different colors in them. How deep will the colors be if I use white fondant and then paint with powder food color and shimmer dust dissolve in Vodka? I prefer coloring my marshmallows first but I can't do that unless I want a bunch of colors from one batch....I am using this pan for the shoe....any decorating tips or pics of different ways to decorate it would be great. I am thinking pinks and purples Im not sure how they decorated this with the drips a t the bottom???

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How did I not know that pan existed? Cake carving scares me so that is pretty amazing. I would guess poured fondant. You can look up high heels on google and on the search here for different ideas as to how to decorate it. Personally, I like black with a pink sole. 

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Poured fondant? I will have to investigate that one! I ended up using modeling chocolate. Yellow and pink since that is what I had on hand. I did use the vodka, food coloring and shimmer dust on the purse flap and it came out well but next time I need to up the ratio of shimmer dust. This was for my daughters birthday so I really had a chance to experiment. As for the shoe pan it works really well with a FIRM cake. But it is much smaller than it appears. Probably 4" tall. I guess it wasn't a good seller because the price has dropped dramatically
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Wow. That is small. Would be good as a topper though. Yellow and pink is a great combo as well!

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Thought about using it as a topper. Instead I paired it with a purse.

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I saw that. I LOVE the purse

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Thank you!

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Reading the reviews, I think the pan is a waste of money-- too small & unstable.

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I haven't had any problems with it. I think people buy it and use a cake that is too light and fluffy or don't fill it enough so that the bottom is flat.

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You're welcome! :)

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