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So I am doing my first wedding cake! It's going to be 4 tiers but it's not going to be 4x4" tiers, I will be mixing the heights slightly for a more interesting structure. I think I will make all my cakes to be around 5" to be a little more generous with serving sizes.

The cake is for 120 people.

I've come up with different combinations of tier sizes and I'm going to meet with the couple tomorrow for a tasting and doing the design, where I'll show them each option. 


The bottom 2 tiers are going to be about 4" or 5" but I wanted to make the 3rd and 4th tiers slightly taller so let's say 7".

I don't want to make the actual cake taller or add extra layers because that doesn't really change serving amounts, it only makes them larger than the other 2 tiers. 

Could it be a good idea to maybe put the 3rd and 4th tiers on top of some foam core/polystyrene dummies cut to 2" ? This gives the tiers more height without having to adjust cake amounts and keeps the uniform serving sizes. 

The dummy base would also make it more stable?


For each serving the standard is 1"x2"x4" if I'm correct? I find that to be a bit too small, so would it be more realistic to do 1x2x5?