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This is a multiple choice poll
  • 12% (8)
    Storefront Owner.
  • 35% (23)
    Home Bakery.
  • 17% (11)
    Hobbyist trying to open a business.
  • 35% (23)
    Cake guru to my family and friends.
  • 6% (4)
64 Total Votes  
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I messaged you a couple of days ago after receiving an email from you with business questions....Let me know if you still need help. 

"Every Sweet Dream begins with Chocolate"
"Every Sweet Dream begins with Chocolate"
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Hmmm just trying to practice my baking and decorating at home yet- loving every minute of it though!!
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I haven't been doing cakes for a little over a year - I previously operated under the Texas CFL but shut everything down to take a transfer.  I just quit my job and bought a restaurant.  The owners wanted out so they're closing on Sunday and I'm opening on Monday. Yay!  I'm really excited to be owning a restaurant again.  Can't wait until we get things the way we want them so I can start up my cakes again - this time from a licensed commercial establishment.  The great thing is that the building has 2 entrances and one section is kind of segregated and will be perfect for the cake side of things.

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Awww good luck!!
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Thank you!  thumbs_up.gif

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