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New CAke Business aka new to it period

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I made like what 3 cakes so far and I didn't charge also well for me to practice but when should I make a page or business we are long away from home, we live in a military base and I don't have much support from friends of course but I want to make it a business I love it hey I maybe a Lil rough but many cake bakers are at the beginning I learned from my mistakes which are from baking but my heart wants to do it I research a lot on baking all the time all I want to do is bake can someone please help me out give me some pointers and what to do. I know how to make an awesome yellow sponge cake and marshmallow fondant and butter cream all homemade...I have two kids and maybe can i cheat out the fondant like store bought is is possible? thanks!:)

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Check out the "Starting a Business" and "Pricing Formula" links in my signature below.

If you do end up starting a business be sure all your written business communications (customer emails, web site content, advertising copy, etc.) are handled in a professional manner with correct grammar and spelling.
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And punctuation.
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Phew! That was one LONG sentence. Hehehe. To tackle some of your points:

Find out if it's legal for you to have a baking business in the setting you have chosen to produce your cakes.

Store-bought fondant is not cheating. If you can afford to integrate it into your costs without your profit margin suffering, why not?

Jason Kraft has several links in his signature that you should check out. Read the posts in the entire blog. There are only a handful for now but each one will help you.

The choice of a page or website is entirely up to you and your goals for the business. The marketing section of your business plan will deal with this. Hint: Create a business plan.
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Thank you, sorry about the long sentence. Above all can I start one from home cause we are active duty I know many who do also but is it possible to begin now with a simple fb page I see many have but just to be on the safe side should i register it? ect.. I made 3 cakes so far and I am getting there I just want to get it started and make a couple before anything of course.:)

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