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Jem Sheets ? Royal Icing

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So I'm gonna be making some jems and I want them more like the bakelite jems or not translucent. I don't want to waste my isomalt if I don't have to because its costly.

Can I just make them out of Royal Icing?

Like if I want white jems?

Would the only difference be the Royal Icing will be less shiny? Also will they even pop out of the jem mold?


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Anybody? PLeeeasseicon_lol.gif I don't want to ruin my brand new jem sheets if its not supposed to be done.

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I don't know if you will be able to unmold the RI easily, I've never tried it. Why don't you use gumpaste for the jems in the colour you need, then unmold and spray glaze them? I think that would look better and it definitely works.

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I doubt that ri would ruin your Jem sheet but I also doubt that it would work. I'm with dayti; use gumpaste.
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Thanks guys I just thought that the texture of the poured RI might look nicer than the gumpaste and if I could pop out the RI ones they would hold shape better. Not sure how to get the gumpaste ones out without it bending an edge?


Manddi if you don't think it would stick to the sheet why do you think it wouldn't work? Drying time too long?

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I do think it would sick to the sheet. To get them out you'd have to soak it in water which would ruin the ri.

I should have asked what the mold is made of before forming an opinion though... So what's the mold made of?
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Ummm not plastic its white. The lady at the cake store said it was for the isomalt not chocolate if that tells you anything.

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Ok so I'm doing a few testers..for some reason I was thinking RI was indestructible and they would either break my mold or never come out. Sorry my brain was on off, water would work great. So I put Color flow in the mold thinking it dries shinier so maybe it will work even better. The first ones stuck but then I thought maybe if I stick them in the oven to make them harder. Since its for a candy mold I'm thinking it can take the heat.

I'll report back when I find out.

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Royal icing won't dry properly without 360 degree air circulation.  Exposed to heat for a long time it yellows.


I've made them out of gum paste and dusted them with white pearl dust and they were beautiful.


You can make them out of sugar, isomalt, or gelatin by adding dry white color or liquid white color--again, a lovely result.

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Ya Maybenot I was just trying to save some money vs the Isomalt have some but thought since I didn't want them translucent maybe I could do it another way.

So How the heck do you get the gumpaste out once in the mold without bending an edge?


So my testers with the Color flow did come out as long as they had a little over flow on the top to push them out with. However they didn't seem to hold much of the design. They only took the face facet and were pretty rounded from that point out. So for anyone who wanted to know its a no. lol

So I guess I will try the gumpaste next.

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Oh also the only part that was shiny with the colorflow (which I should have thought about) was the back that would touch the

Oh and these molds are not bendable and the 200 degree oven was a bad idea just fyi. Luckily I checked in on them after a minute or so or they would have been melted. Kinda odd since they are for Isomalt.

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Let the gumpaste set up for a while in the mold before trying to remove it - time will depend on your room temperature and humidity. If you don't want to wait, put the mold in the freezer for a few minutes and see if they pop out easily.

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Ok thank you! I'll try the freezer its pretty humid.

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Originally Posted by smittyditty View Post


So How the heck do you get the gumpaste out once in the mold without bending an edge?



I dust the mold with some corn starch and then tap the excess out.  I press in the gum paste (after a few, I know exactly how large a ball to use, but excess is easily trimmed off after unmolding) and then I tap the mold on the counter.  They fall out.

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Ah thank you! I thought I hit reply but must have forgotten. Thank you I will try it after I get this next order done trying to do dummy cakes.
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