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fondant on cupcakes

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I'm making some cupcakes for a friends baby shower in 2 weeks, probably a batch of 3 dozen or so. 
I'm wanting to do pregnant bellies and boobs! 
I've found loads of different pictures and have a bunch of ideas but a lot of them would need to use fondant and I'm really not keen on fondant covered cupcakes. Little cupcake toppers are fine because they're easy to take off and you still get the frosting.
I LOVE these:

But the fondant looks really thick.


These bellies are also cute:

They look nice on top of the fondant but it would be way too much fondant overall. 

For the bellies underneath the dresses, could I maybe put a little round chocolate under?


I've tried dipping in poured fondant - was a disaster!

I've managed to dip in ganache before but that was once and only about 5 cupcakes!! :P
But maybe dipping in ganache could work? Most of the time my cupcakes crown and they would be impossible to dip. I guess the solution would be to bake flat cupcakes...? 

What's your opinion on fondant cupcakes? Do you peel off the fondant? Do most guests peel off the fondant and chuck it? 

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I love using fondant! In my option people pay for the look first and taste second when they want a themed cake/cupcake. When using fondant you can full the cupcakes with icing and use a little icing/buttercream under the fondant to get it to stick to the cupcakes.There is NO way to get that look of those cupcakes with a buttercream. I would say half the people take off the fondant so fill them with buttercream too. icon_wink.gif
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I put ganache under the fondant on my cupcakes , it sets up firm and gives a good base to work with as well as being delicious, I roll the fondant really thin too , I find people rarely ever peel it off and say it tastes great. 

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I always cover cupcakes with marzipan instead of fondant since I think it tastes better. But I guess it depends upon the flavor of the rest of the cupcake!


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Also if you use a good quality fondant that tastes nice, why would you want to peel it off? I also agree with the above posters.
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You could use modeling chocolate instead of fondant. Roll it out just like fondant, and it tastes so much better!! :)

Let's eat grandma. Let's eat, grandma. Punctuation saves lives.
Let's eat grandma. Let's eat, grandma. Punctuation saves lives.
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I made cupcakes for a birthday but used regular buttercream frosting and put a round fondant decoration on top of each. Most people peeled it off. I personally don't like to eat fondant (something about the play dough texture lol) but they looked nice and people didn't mind.
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