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Is this good enough?

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Hello everyone, I am a long time lurker and I finally have a question. I often donate my talents to family parties or office baby showers,etc. I made this cake from scratch, it was my first doll cake (for my niece) and first time with fondant; my question is, is my decorating good enough to charge for? If so, how much, for a doll cake?


This year, I am making a "bot" cake (team umizoomi or something) with fondant. Payment has been offered- I am making a double layer 11x15 and 10 inch round cut in half for the head of 'bot'. I already spent 50$ on fondarific and was thinking of asking 100 or 125. Is that too much?


 Finally, thank you everyone who shares their talents on these forums, I have used your advice so many times!  Jen


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Don't forget the cost of the rest of the ingredients.  My Wilton instructor told me on average three to four times what it cost you is what you charge.  You have to pay for your time, wear and tear on your appliances and gas in the car to get the supplies, cake boards, stuff to cover the cake boards etc..  For friends I don't charge as much.  Usually they get it free.  But that is just me.

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I would pay about $40 for the doll cake.  Yes, your doll is good enough to sell.  But please remember that on this forum all of the cake decorators are concerned with legalities.  In order to accept payment for cakes, technically, you need to have a legal, inspected kitchen, which means if you bake out of your home, your state needs to have a Cottage Food Law.

As for the other cake you are baking, I would say around $150.  Ingredients add up.  Time spent adds up as well (f you charge for your time on an hourly basis.  I cannot do this, I am VERY slow when I decorate my cakes.  Someday I will be faster and it will get me a great hourly wage.)

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Thank you for your comments.

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