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How do I prepare and assemble a two tier buttercream cake?

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I'm new to cake decorating but will shortly be doing a two tier John Deere cake (primarily of buttercream!) for a friend, so I need to basics of how to prepare and assemble this cake at home & then transfer!

1) how many layers should my bottom ten inch tier be... 2 or 3, as well as my top 8 inch tier???

2) I know I need dowl road through the center of my bottom tier and through both tiers, but what about the second tier?

3) I need all the help and advice about cake plates separating the tiers!!!!!

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It looks to me like the layers are the same height. I usually do 2 layers. that would be easiest. You need to put straws or dowels in the bottom and middle tiers. If you are putting a dowel through the center for delivery, you need to drive it through all the tiers into the bottom cake board. I use cake boards between my cakes. If you use plates you are talking about SPS. I have only used that once so I can't be of much help there. Good Luck!

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Thank you for the help 😀 I greatly appreciate it! I'm hoping to make this a fun learning experience and not a stressful one! Any ideas/tips for doing the deer? I thought about stenciling it or using an actual cutter
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I would cut it out of fondant with a cutter if you have one. The cutter would definitely be easier than stenciling I think. I have watched tutorials on it but haven't had the chance to try it.

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I thought the cutter would be better, but I'll have to look up those tutorials! Glad you mentioned that; thank you!
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Is it okay to put a cake in the refrigerator? I want to establish a good crumb coat, and I know a lot of decorator's put their cakes in the refrigerator to do so, but then I've been told by others to NEVER put any cake in the fridge! Also this cake is due to be picked up on the second, will it be ok if I bake the cakes 2 days before and decorate the cake the 1st? They'll be using it on the 3rd.
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I do put my cakes in the fridge but only for a couple of days. I usually bake and decorate my cakes a couple of days ahead. If you bake a couple of days ahead and the cake won't be eaten until the 3rd, that's 4 days. I have never done that for someone else. If I have a cake at home though it is that long before it is completely gone. You may want to bake the cakes, crumb coat, wrap in plastic wrap, and freeze. Many people do that and say their cakes are more moist. I have not tried it though. You may also want to search some threads on CC about preparing cakes in advance.

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Any ideas on how to accomplish making the tire treads look that 3D?
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There are many different ways to do this. You can make a silicone mold for a tire on a toy. I have not done this but have seen it done on tv. If you can find a toy tire that is hollow inside that could be your mold. I have used a round cutter with really thick fondant/gumpaste. Then you can take a knife and make a crisscross pattern by angling knife going around tire and on the other side angle the opposite way. Or you can cut small rectangles to make the tire pattern. You probably need to cut the ends of the rectangle at an angle to make it look right I'm guessing. I think this would look best for the tractor tire. I have never done a tractor tire. Someone else may have a better suggestion. 

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Ok thank you! Where I'm from I'm sure there will be a lot of people wanting tractor tires lol, so this will be a great learning experience! I will admit that the tire is the one thing other than assembly that had me concerned but your help has aided me a lot in tackling this project
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Glad I could help!

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Not bad for my first big project! Thank you for the help☺
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Great job.

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Thank you icon_smile.gif
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