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Helpppp how do I this...

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Hi I want to make it this cake topper but don't know how do it and the letters on the front of the cake ?thanks in advance
I don't know if the picture downloaded
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Hi - the Minnie Mouse image looks like it's a printed image, probably applied to a piece of gum paste or fondant cut out to the same shape (to give it rigidity).


For the letters, you can just make your letters as usual and insert wires or toothpicks into the bottom as they're trying, then insert into the cake.  Might want to use a little royal icing to help it stick.


Hope that helps!

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thanks a lot miriamG for quickly respond really helpful but still have some ? about the cutter don't know what cutter can use for that's perfect letter shape and about the Minnie image do you thinks can be edible printed over gumpaste or just regular image?than for your help
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Any cutter will give you a perfect letter shape; just find one you like. They're basic alphabet cutters.

Odds are, it's an edible image. You can use a regular image just make sure everyone knows is not edible.
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thank you very much manddi for your help I will try do with edible image over gumpaste and let know how will turn im newbie on cake decorations but love it to do and my niece fall in love with Minnie mouse she turn one soon anyways need make some practice for be sure can do it,thanks again
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What Manddi said icon_smile.gif

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I can't post my picture anyways i already have on the disney theme cake .thanks a lot to both for your help
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