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Emergency: Ran out of Ganache

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I am in the midst of ganaching a cake (to be covered with fondant) and I ran out!!!


I know that I may be panicking unnecessary but what do I do now?


I have ingredients to make more ganache but knowing that I have to refrigerate it overnight and then bring it to room temperature in the I put the cake in the fridge and let it harden, remove it and let it set overnight?? And then, apply the rest of the ganache in the morning and then let harden again??





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It will set up right on the cake. 


Make the ganache. Cool it by placing it in a metal bowl and place that bowl in a cool water bath.  Stir it until it is spreading consistency.  Spread it on the cake and let it set up overnight right on the cake.

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I'll definitely try that matthewkyrankelly!!!


Thanks so much :)



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I make ganache and then cool it in fridge until it's the right consistency...I take it out every few minutes to stir it up!  

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I usually stick it in the freezer for a five minutes at a time until I have it at the right consistency , if I go too far I give a burst in the micro for five seconds and stir . 


I had to do this yesterday , cake was ganache only and turned out fine. 

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Thanks everyone for your advice!!


Now, I seem to have another ganache is not setting up.  I used the 2:1 ratio for my ganache and spread it onto the cake and left it to set more than 8 hours ago!  


I put it in the fridge to harden before I put on the fondant but am wondering if it would soften again after I cover it and start to ooze.....any helpful tips on this?




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Would it help if I tried to scrape off and salvage the ganache and then add some more melted chocolate chips to the mix to make it thicker??  I used 4 x 12oz bags of Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips to 24 ozs of heavy cream.

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