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Question about Icing Sheets - I'm a newbie!!

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I have a cake to deliver on Sunday and I am decorating it with some $100 dollar bills printed onto icing sheets and then stuck on thin gumpaste rectangles.  So I printed the sheets, brushed some gum glue onto the gumpaste and then stuck the icing sheets onto the gumpaste and left them to dry overnight.


Now I woke up this morning and the surface of the icing sheets is quite tacky/sticky.  Does anyone know the reason for this?  Should I have put them in the oven with the oven light on to dry?  Should I have let the icing sheets dry harder before attaching them to the gumpaste?


Please help!! I'm really excited about using this product and really want it to work because I am also making a Gucci suitcase cake and want to cover the cake with the Gucci pattern printed onto the icing sheets.





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What you describe is odd.  Did you let the gumpaste dry first.  I always put the icing sheet images on to very dry gumpaste.  I brush the dry gumpaste with a tad of water and gently apply the printed icing sheet.


Is your image fading or blurring?  If not (you are lucky) then try to let it dry by giving the gumpaste some air circulation underneath.  

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Hi Lynne3


No, I didn't let the gumpaste dry......oops!!


The image isn't fading or blurring, just a bit sticky to the touch.


In the case of the fondant, there is no drying required so I should just apply directly to the surface of the cake, right?



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It's a different look when the icing sheet is applied directly to the cake.  So it depends on the look you want.  


If you want the bills to look raised and a bit wavy, them cut the rectangles out of gumpaste, let them dry, paint the sides with green, and apply the icing sheet bill.


If you want a "flat straight" look, you can apply to the fondant.


I didn't see the cake, but the first way on gumpaste seems better for $100 bills. 

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Thanks for your advice Lynne3!!



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