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Serving Amount Question

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I am catering a wedding and would love a second opinion. The couple are having an evening wedding in a remote area of Vermont, and most people will be driving in from various distances. They are having three different flavors of cupcakes and an 8" cutting cake. Here is the catchy part, they are not serving dinner...dum dum DuM...


They said they will do a cracker/cheese plate and maybe some crostini, but overall the dessert is the primary food being served.


So I had said about 1.5 cupcakes per person is standard, but now I am doubting myself since I know they will be dancing and drinking until pretty late at night. I am not discounting the cutting cake either, but since I have three flavors and people will probably try a few of each...should I increase the quantity a whole bunch? Some people won't eat any I'm sure, and some people will stuff themselves (I would too...haha!) 


I'm torn...thoughts?



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I would do two for each guest. People tend to help themselves to cupcakes anyway even if they take one bite and leave the rest. If there's no other food then disgruntled guests will be eating anything they can grab, so they'll eat more cupcakes than usual.

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I agree w/costume - those that don't drink will eat as many as they can.

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It's hard to respond there's several things to think about.


I'm not sure why your "catering" this verses a straight sale of a exact quantity. If your "catering" then you're providing the cheese and crostini too so you know that there's enough of every item to off set the sweets.


You can't "cater' for an undetermined amount of many hours of time are you responsible for?

What time of "evening" is this? Is it obvious that it's past dinner time, so people eat before they come? If some people are driving a long way that shouldn't matter if the party is late enough, they'll know to eat on the way.

...or if the invitation says 'dessert only' or something similar.


Straight catering would be 1.5 per person. You can't be responsible for them not providing enough food and for the party going on late into the night. So you need to clarify what you are responsible for exactly. Are you "catering" and responsible for the length of the party?  If not, you need to sell by the count of how many they want to buy.

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