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Help! Buttercream frosting!

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I am a novice home baker and I am in need of a foolproof buttercream frosting. I have tried multiple recipes off the Internet but none of them have turned out the way the do in stores! They've been hard, slimy, buttery texture, etc even with room temp unsalted butter.
Please share your recipes/tips/tricks to produce the perfect buttercream frosting, TIA!
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I don't use shortening in my buttercream, so it may not taste exactly like you want.  Generally, I use 1 stick of butter per 1/2 lb of powdered sugar.  I pipe fairly large dollops of frosting on my cupcakes as well, so I tend to use a 4 sticks butter/2 lb powdered sugar ratio per 2 dozen cupcakes.


First, I cream the butter for a couple minutes.  I use softened or room temperature butter for this and let it get nice and light.  Then I slowly add the powdered sugar and the flavoring (1-2 tsp. vanilla, etc).  Once this is all mixed, it may seem a bit stiff, so I add in some heavy cream.  There is no measuring to this ... just add a bit, let it mix, and then see how it works for you.  Once you get it the consistency you like, it's ready for piping!


If you want to use shortening, do the same method but instead of 4 sticks butter, use 2 sticks butter and 1 cup shortening.

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I use 2 parts high ratio shortening and 1 part salted butter. Hi ratio shortening gives much better results than crisco
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Thank you both! I'm presuming you are from the US, I'm from south-west Australia so I use different measurements but I googled it and worked out the ratios! What is shortening? I have never heard of it over here, that may be my problem. Do you know if it's called something different over here? TIA!
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Also, whenever I make it, It stays a great consistency to pipe with, then afterwards it goes rock hard, without even being in the refrigerator.
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Shortening is white vegetable fat. It is denser than margerine, which is yellow vegetable fat. (sounds so nasty when put like that!) You usually find it in places that have cooking supplies. Its pretty much worldwide, I live in Brazil and I can find it, its just something you probably haven't noticed before! I find that about a 50/50 ratio works well. Either marg or butter to shortening. If your frosting/buttercream is getting rock like, its because there is too much powdered sugar. The general rule is double sugar to fat but I find that too sweet and too stiff. You have to experiment a little bit until you find the right consistancy! Good luck!
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Oh! I think it might be something I see a lot in supermarkets and wonder what it is- copha? Thank you for bringing me to an understanding! I can't wait to try this out, I appreciate it a lot! I'll let you know how it goes icon_smile.gif thank you from Australia! icon_smile.gif
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I know this thread is rather old but can anyone tell me if this type of frosting (shortening/butter  and powder sugar) freezes good? Also can you add any kind of flavoring to this you want? I make several different flavor frosting and need a versatile frosting.

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Yes to both questions.
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I have always used 2 parts icing sugar to 1 part butter and it's worked well for me, if it's a bit thick you can let it down with a drop of milk or water :)

Steph from PartyAnimalOnline
Steph from PartyAnimalOnline
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Hi there!  I use Wilton's buttercream icing recipe.  It is always a no fail for me.  Check out my post on making a White Almond Sour Cream Cupcake with a buttercream icing: 


The Wilton's buttercream recipe is there and it's super simple!

1 stick shortening

1 stick butter or margarine

4 cups powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla

2 tbsp milk


***TIP:  Do NOT add the milk until everything is mixed.  If you feel the consistency is too thick, add the milk a little at a time.  I typically only use a splash of milk if I'm going to pipe cupcakes.  Also, I find the humidity plays a role in the consistency too.  


Also, you can substitute the shortening for another stick of butter or margarine.  I use margarine all the time and it turns out fine!


Happy baking :):)

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At last time I've made frosting based on this buttercream frosting recipe.  I like it. It was gentle, airy, delicious. If you suddenly want to make chocolate buttercream frosting, you will find the instructions for it here too.

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