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How Do I make an open rose?

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Does anyone know how to create an open rose such as this one? I can't find a tutorial anywhere for it? Thanks!

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Have you tried a google search?  Google "how to make gumpaste open rose".  You should find some youtube links there.  HTH

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Yes, tried to search and all that came up were the closed rose type using a cone center. icon_sad.gif

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you could try to put a small foam ball or use the wilton cone form to get the shape and then take it out before the petals dry. icon_smile.gif 


Just a suggestion, I would do that and it should leave you with an open rose.

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You could try staring with maybe another open center flower (like a Magnolia, maybe?) and then apply your usual rose petal pattern...

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I did a search on Google for how to make a Dog rose.

Couldn't understand what they said as it was in Korean or something but easy to make from just watching.

You can add more petals for a fuller look.

hope this is of some help.

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What about this?


But your petals need to be more cupped, like the outer petals of a rose and of course you need more petals. You also have to take other stamens, if you want to copy the rose from the image.


Hope the link is helpful!  icon_smile.gif

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Hmmm...I did a google search and found a few youtube video tutorials.  Don't know why it didn't work for you.

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Just start with stamens wrapped around a wire with florist tape and build the petals around that. It's basically the same thing as the cone in the center but you build the petals around the wire itself. You can also do it on a wooden skewer that you can stick directly into the cake.

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