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Wasc too moist?

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I've been using the Wasc recipe for a while now, and everyone loves it! However, I'm finding that the cakes almost seem too moist! Does anyone else find this as well?
I baked three flavors for a cake this weekend- chocolate, red velvet, and vanilla. The vanilla seemed rather sturdy, but the chocolate cake looked like a mess,and seemed like it was ready to fall apart. I also find that when I level/trim the cake, the crumb is kind of a mushy mess that sticks to the knife, and therefore, I can't cut cleanly through the cake. I use a flower nail and baking strips when baking, and I always make sure the cake is completely cooked through.
I'm wondering what I am doing wrong, and I'm also wondering if my cake pans could be part of the problem? Some of them are Wilton pans- is it possible they bake differently in those pans? Any thoughts or suggestions would be so much appreciated! I'd really like to keep using the Wasc, but I don't want a cake that falls apart!
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I found that to be true as well. My solution is to bake the cake 1 day earlier than I normally would and let it sit. Sitting also improve the flavor. (Day 3 it is just incredible) I am to much of a beginner to tell you why it's overly moist. Hopefully someone else can help both of us. 

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In one of my decorating classes they taught us to add a box of dry pudding mix to a cake to make it hold up a better. Maybe try that and see if it helps. 

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