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help...shouldn't have used cream cheese icing

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I made a 2 tier cake...decorators cream cheese icing covered with fondant. there are bubbles everywhere and frosting seems to be slipping a little from underneath. I don't have time to do this again. It seems to be firming up in the fridge. I can cover up all of the flaws with the multitude of figures and stars that will be on it (its an angry birds star wars cake). after i'm done all of the decorations should i maybe freeze it until i hand it over?


just as an aside...i made the cake yesterday, had it fully frosted w/o the fondant and dropped it! i had to make the whole thing again!

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Did you let the cake settle before covering with fondant?
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yes. i have it in the fridge right scared to take it out. I seriously do not want to do this but what if I pulled off the fondant; scraped the icing and made a buttercream. will this make it even worse?

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I have always found that cream cheese frosting under fondant "weeps". Even if refrigerated the cake underneath is super soggy. Yuk

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what do you think about freezing finished cake up until the last minute?

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Along the lines of cream cheese icing how do u tint it to get.light blue. Mine keeps coming out aqua/light green.
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Use Titanium Dioxide to lighten the natural yellow of the frosting to a whiter shade then add blue gel. Titanium Dioxidie comes in several forms, either you can buy it in powdered form and just a little water to make it a liquid or you can buy it already in liquid form.  Americolour makes a White gel, Wilton calls theirs White White I think, several other companies make a liquid form as well.

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I do not have access to any of those items at this time. Cake is for tomorrow. Thanks for any help
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My concern about freezing the cake is, what happens as it starts to defrost, as it will, set up at the venue?  If it's going a little out of shape now, surely the cream cheese frosting will start to shift and slide as it defrosts?  I know you don't want to hear this, but I wouldn't be comfortable sending out a cake like that to a customer.  I'm assuming this is a paying customer and not just a family event, your family would be more forgiving, but a paying customer - not so much.  I would scrape off and start again, I would also definitely pipe a dam wall to stop the frosting from seeping out between the layers. 


Maybe it would help you to look on this as a learning experience, don't use cream cheese frosting under fondant, it's not worth the stress.

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